Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 110 in Japan

So yeah, I sold my bike back earlier this week.

Had to return my KGU sticker to the CIE and my Seminar House sticker to Otousan.

So Wednesday through Friday was finals exhibition for SUMI E and Ceramics.

They were out of black paper at the bookstore so I bought red. These were my final pieces I submitted.

There was a lot of really nice work!

Me and Yumika.

We got certificates of completion in our mailboxes.

So Mei, Shanikia and I went to Denden town yesterday and went to the Gundam store. I took a lot of pictures for my bro.

A sign in the Namba subway station. "There have been incidents where people have messed with sleeping people. Please be careful." My really rough translation...

I thought the picture was funny. The guy on the right kinda looks like Hitler...

Anyways, I'm pretty much packing and getting things ready to leave Tuesday. 3 days...

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