Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yay Balance!

Hey Everyone,
Not sure what to write today that won't be extremely boring. I went to class. I came home. I made dinner (spam & potatoes). This has been my day.

It's rained all day today and you can feel it getting colder. Today was my first successful bikeride to and from school while holding an umbrella. Yay balance!

Sorry for no pictures. It's a gloomy rainy day and I didn't feel like it.

Tonight I have homework and am probably going upstairs to unit 1 to watch Young Frankenstein with Shanikia, Elyse, Clem and everyone. We'll see...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Census Day

Today I went to class. Then I had lunch with Alex.

I was done with class and she had some time to burn so we went to Shimamura and amused ourselves with Engrish...

Then we went to the Language Lab to do some speaking homework... Well, she did at least. I didn't have any so I hung out and doodled.

So this year is the Japanese Census! It is done every five years here and everyone, even us "gaijins", have to participate. Luckily they gave us an english sheet to explain what was on the sheet. A large group of us filled it out all at once with Ikue helping us. It wasn't too difficult... Anyways not much else happened. I've got homework and a test tomorrow... fun...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today Alex and I had lunch with Aya.

It was a nice day today. It was really windy.

We worked with color today in SUMI E. I'm not sure if I like it. I kinda prefer the regular monochromatic sumi.

I actually didn't do much today. Mainly hanging with people. Mei and I went to Top World and I bought some beef that I cooked for dinner tonight.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Got My Japanese Phone!

Today in SUMI E, we moved from bamboo and rocks to orchid blossoms!

There are Stitch products everywhere. It's really big here in Japan.

So Alex and I stopped by a health and beauty store for some stuff this afternoon.

Alex thinks I'm crazy for taking pictures all the time...

OMG, their "feminine" section was huge!

Their pads are so fancy.... No we didn't take them out of the box, they had "sample" ones hanging on the display.

We met up with Shanikia and paid a visit to the post office practically across the street from KGU.

I finally gave in and got a Japanese phone! They are so cool! You can send your number and info through infrared from one phone to another.

Then after Alex went to class, Shanikia and I went to check out the meat market in Hirakata-shi. It was so expensive. We didn't buy anything, but we'll probably be back...

And we visited the bakery there too...

By then it was pouring outside. We got soaked riding home on our bikes. Shanikia made mashed potatoes and I made stirfry. After I finish this, I'm going to do laundry... fun...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Meeting Chie

Today I met my speaking partner! This is Chie! (Chi-eh)

We were going to this place but it was closed.

So we went to this Italian restaurant. Or at least, Chie said it was Italian. We sat on mats Japanese style. I ordered rice...

The menu...

After eating, we went shopping. This is funny. This is to eat potato chips with, so your fingers don't get greasy...

The police were giving some guy a ticket over where his bike was parked...


Anyways, I didn't take a lot of pictures. We hung out and talked mostly. I gave her a gift from Memphis and she briefly visited Seminar House. Then she had to go. After she left, I watched Lion King in both English and Japanese with Chiyu, Mei, Brooke, Theresa, and Cory. Then we all went and made ourselves dinner. I made crazy jane chicken and packed some of it in an obento for tomorrow. I'm starting on my homework. I have a worksheet and a dialog to memorize. Mei and Chiyu are here in our unit again watching some movie called "the Legend of 1900." Not sure how they ended up here but oh well. It's all good.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Becky Leaves and Brooke's Birthday

Today Becky flew home. I met her at noon in Osaka and we took the loop to Tenoji where we got on an Express train to Kansai International Airport.

The express is so much nicer than the local! We were on Haruka no. 23. It had a place for luggage at the back of the car. Very nice!

But it was more expensive than the local. On top of the 1160 yen we were paying for the trip, we had to pay 730 yen for express service. We did not have to pay beforehand. An employee came through asking everyone for their tickets and charging the people whom hadn't paid in advance. We were in a non-reserved car.

It was a beautiful day!

Finally the ocean came into view!

We found departures on the fourth floor.

But they refused to let anyone check into the seattle flight until two hours before.

So we waited...

And then the time came and she got checked in. I couldn't go beyond security, so I said my goodbyes then.

And with Becky on her way howe, I made my way back to the station in Kansai.

Map of JR West.

Kansai to Osaka.

I hopped on a local train. Not as fast, but not as expensive.

Instead of thirty minutes, this ride was almost two hours. So I got bored and took a ton of pictures...

I got back safe and sound.


So Today is Brooke's 22nd Birthday!

And to celebrate, we had a potluck party in her unit next door.

Risa made Birthday pancakes!

They have fruit in between the layers, oranges, pineapple and some other fruit I didn't recognize...

Not bad for potluck!

Brooke's present from Theresa. SUMI E!

Cutting the cakes...